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B+L Ultra contact lenses at 50% off. $37.99 a box.

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Enjoy the superior performance of B+L Ultra contact lens at only $37.99 a box for a limited time. 

This offer is applicable for a 12 month order of 2 boxes per eye.

 B+L ULTRA contact lenses feature MoistureSeal technology. One of the consequences of extended work on screen-based equipment is a reduced blink rate which results in drying of the contact lens surface with associated ocular irritation. A dry contact lens surface also leads to an inferior visual performance and intermittent blurring of vision. The MoistureSeal technology used in B+L ULTRA contact lens helps prevent contact lens dryness. It retains moisture in the contact lens for a full day wear, which means superior end of day vision particularly for people using screen-based equipment. 

Ultra contact lenses

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