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What is 20/20 Vision?

Added on 08 October 2017

Have you ever heard the expression, 20/20 vision, and wondered what these numbers mean? It's about distanceIn short, 20/20 is a reference to your visual acuity. But more specifically, it relates to your vision at certain distances. In 1862, the Dutch Ophthalmologist Herman Snellen created the now well-recognised Snellen Chart:Herman Snellen: creator of the Snellen Chart, which underpins the 20/20 measurement.The Snel... READ MORE

Why Contact Lenses and Water Don't Mix

Added on 31 August 2017

If you wear your contact lenses for long enough, you are bound to experience a few instances when your precious contact lenses come into contact with water directly. You may think that because your contact lenses already have a certain water content, that adding a little more water to the mix is not that bad of a thing. But you would be wrong.It's not sterileThe most important reason for not mixing water with your contact... READ MORE

What to do if small foreign objects get in your eyes

Added on 30 August 2017

It's not uncommon to experience foreign objects in or around your eyes as you go through daily life at home, work, or just out and about. While the most common is the humble eyelash, other organic matter such as pollen, grasses, dust and specs of dirt can also invade our eye. No matter what small foreign object is involved, it's always unpleasant, so here are a few simple steps to follow to help you get it out safely and can g... READ MORE

2 Important Questions to Ask Before Being Fitted for Contact Lenses

Added on 29 August 2017

Being fitted for contact lenses can be a daunting process. You are not an optometrist, and may not feel that you have all of the information you need to help guide the process of obtaining a new contact lens prescription. Here are a two important questions to ask yourself so you can go into your contact lens consultation with your eyes open. Daily Disposable or Re-useable Contact Lenses?The most important question to ask ... READ MORE

Webcontacts supporting the Visually Disabled

Added on 30 July 2017

Unfortunately it's not always the case that vision can be corrected with a pair of contact lenses or spectacles. There are many causes of uncorrectable low vision, with some of the most common causes being retinal dystrophies and genetic conditions such as Retinitis Pigmentosa or Ocular Albinism. Webcontacts is proud to help improve the profile of the visually disabled and visually disabled activities such as Blind Cricke... READ MORE

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