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Dailies AquaComfort Plus (90 pack)

Dailies AquaComfort Plus (90 pack)

by Ciba Vision

$70.99 per box

  • 90 Lens per box
  • 69% H20 Content
  • Contain AquaComfort Plus to improve hydration 3 ways, lubricate, moisturise and refresh.
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  BC DIA SPH CYL AXIS Colour (tint) ADD Qty
Right (OD) 8.7 14.0
Left (OS) 8.7 14.0
Right eye (OD)  
BC (Base Curve) 8.7
DIA (Diameter) 14.0
SPH (Sphere, Power, Strength)
CYL (Cylinder)
Colour (Tint)
ADD (Add Power or Extra Strength)
Left eye (OS)  
BC (Base Curve) 8.7
DIA (Diameter) 14.0
SPH (Sphere, Power, Strength)
CYL (Cylinder)
Colour (Tint)
ADD (Add Power or Extra Strength)

$70.99 per box

Dailies AquaComfort Plus (90 pack)
At a glance
  • 90 Lens per box
  • 69% H20 Content
  • Contain AquaComfort Plus to improve hydration 3 ways, lubricate, moisturise and refresh.
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About Dailies AquaComfort Plus (90 pack) contact lenses

Dailies AquaComfort Plus by CibaVision are a single use daily wear contact lens. Buy one box of 90 lenses. 

Ciba Dailies AquaComfort Plus have the advantage of being daily replacement contact lenses, which means the convenience of no lens care or cleaning and the comfort of new, fresh contacts every day.  Each contact lens contains AquaComfort Plus which improves hydration 3 ways - it lubricates, moisturises and refreshes with every blink.

Subsequent to the merger of CibaVision and Alcon, the lens packaging has been updated.  Be assured that the AquaComfort lenses are unchanged. 

Dailies AquaComfort Plus are also marketed as EasyVision Vitrea. 

Lens type: Daily replacement soft disposable contact lenses 
Lenses in box: 90 
Features: Improved Hydration, Handling Tint
Material: nelfilcon A
Water content: 69%
Manufacturer: CibaVision

Focus 1-day are now also available in a coloured version. Click on the "Other Products" tab. 

Add your reviewCustomer reviews

5 startsWhat is there to write about? They do the job they are meant to do and I can see okay and they feel okay with them.



5 startsAlways a winner. I've worn these every day for years and never had an issue.



4 startsI notice everyone has given the lenses a good review, but I also wanted to give the customer service a good review too. Always get my lenses within 3-4 days and have never had a problem. Very happy and will continue to order from Webcontacts.



4 startsDailies Aquacomfort soemtimes dry out but that is in AC. Otherwise they are probably more comfortable than my previous lenses.

Oscar D


5 startsI like these lenses and am happy with them.

Miranda S.


5 startsI only wear them when I play cricket and they do the job.

Dailes wearer


4 startsSometimes get dry but that is because I work in refrigeration. Otherwise no problems.

I wear these


5 startsThe lens seem to stay more moist longer than my previous lenses. My vision is better becauise I don't get dry eye as much.

Lachlan M


4 startsYou have to be careful sometimes not to rip these when you remove them at the end of the day. I'm just worried about leaving a piece of lens in my eye. I found if I use a drop of lubricant in my eye before removal they are much better.

David W.


5 startsI was surprised as the box has changed but lenses are the same. I reckon these are the best for my eyes.



4 startsOther people have said these daily lenses are expensive, but when you don't have to pay for solutions and eye drops, and you get clear vision all day, it is money well spent.

David S


4 startsReally comfy lenses. The 3 rd lot I've tried and I was gonna give up but these are really good.

Shanaya Jones


4 startsI've been using these lenses for years now I haven't had any problems.
Dailies are so easy and convenient. I notice they have also changed packaging loving the new look.

Justine. Branch


4 startsJust recently switched to these lenses, daily lenses suit me the best by far. So convenient and really comfortable, my eyes stay lubricated throughout the duration.



4 startsGood product. I haven't had any problems with wearing these contacts.

Brad H


5 starts…the finest contacts I have encountered in 15 years.



3 startsGood lens to wear on a daily bases. Most the time I receive these within 2 working days of ordering.


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