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Air Optix Aqua (previously O2 Optix)

Air Optix Aqua (previously O2 Optix)

by Alcon

$32.99 per box

  • 3 lenses per box
  • 33% H2O content
  • Flexible wear contact lens & Aqua moisture system.
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  BC DIA SPH CYL AXIS Colour (tint) ADD Qty
Right (OD) 8.6 14.2
Left (OS) 8.6 14.2
Right eye (OD)  
BC (Base Curve) 8.6
DIA (Diameter) 14.2
SPH (Sphere, Power, Strength)
CYL (Cylinder)
Colour (Tint)
ADD (Add Power or Extra Strength)
Left eye (OS)  
BC (Base Curve) 8.6
DIA (Diameter) 14.2
SPH (Sphere, Power, Strength)
CYL (Cylinder)
Colour (Tint)
ADD (Add Power or Extra Strength)

$32.99 per box

Air Optix Aqua (previously O2 Optix)
At a glance
  • 3 lenses per box
  • 33% H2O content
  • Flexible wear contact lens & Aqua moisture system.
Where’s my prescription?
<--If you can’t remember where you left your prescription, don’t worry — you can always find your current prescription printed on the side of your contact lenses box.

About Air Optix Aqua (previously O2 Optix) contact lenses

Air Optix Aqua contact lens are monthly flexible wear disposable soft lenses. Buy one box of 3 lenses.

Air Optix Aqua contact lenses are a revolutionary new contact lens approved for up to 6 days of extended wear. This is possible since the silicon hydrogel technology in these lenses allows more oxygen to reach your eyes than ordinary hydrogel soft contact lenses. They also feature Alcon's Aqua Moisture System for extra comfort. This allows the lenses to maintain greater moisture and less dryness resulting in increased wearability and less symptoms of ocular irritation.  

Alcon's Air Optix Aqua have superseded Cibavision O2 Optix. Both contacts have the same fitting parameters and wearing schedule, however Air Optix Aqua has the Aqua Moisture System for extra comfort. 

The Air Optix Aqua lenses are also marketed under the brand names Easyvision IRISIAN SPHERE and Easyvision ELITE MONTHLY. 

Air Optix Aqua are also now available in a coloured version. Why not try a different image?

Air Optix Aqua contact lenses are approved to be worn sleeping as a flexible wear lens. However, only your eye care provider can determine if these lenses are right for you and how many days and nights you can wear them. It is important that you follow your eye care provider's wearing instructions and schedule.

Lens type: Monthly replacement soft disposable contact lenses 
Lenses in box: 3
Features: Visibility Tint, UV Protection, high oxygen permeabilty
Material: Lotrafilcon B 
Water content: 33%
Manufacturer: Alcon CibaVision

Add your reviewCustomer reviews

4 startsJust so you know, the "aqua" in the name refers to water in the lenses, not that they are tinted the color aqua. They do have a very pale tint but that is it. Anyway I'm very satisfied with Air Optix Aqua with the exception that if I sleep in them (which is very rare), in the morning my eyes feel like sandpaper.

Tania C


4 startsMuch better value wearing these lenses over daily replacement lenses. And they are just as comfortable provided you look after them and clean them properly and don't get lazy.



5 startsI'm really happy with these lenses. I have worn them before so knew they were going to be good, but I was really impressed that when I ordered 4 boxes I got to try the Air Optix Colours for half price. The colour ones are just as comfortable and really fun to wear.



4 startsI was aadvised these from my optometrist after I found the night & day were too dry and i've found air optix to be better as they feel better on my eye and dont dry as much but i cant sleep in them.



5 startsMy eyes used to get red and watery so often with my other lenses I tried, but that does not happen with these ones. Really liking them.

Laura S


5 startsThe only lenses I've ever worn so I can't compare. But they seem good and I'm happy with my vision.

Austin M


4 startsI'm happy enough with them. They don't tear and last the full month.

Mark M.


4 startsI've just started using Air Optix as recommended by my eye doctor. They've been great, I can wear them all day with no eye irritation. They are good value for long use, considering the comfortable wear and clear vision they give me.

Jessica P


4 startsAs a new contact lens user I was hesitant at first, but fortunately the Air Optix Aqua are easy to put in and I can't even feel that I'm wearing them. Very happy with this lens



4 startsI switched from glasses to Air Optix Aqua lenses 4 months ago. They are great, easy to use and very comfortable.



2 startsWhen I first starte wearing these contacts 2 years ago they were brilliant.
In the last 6 months or so have noticed that my eyes dry out and become red and not lubricated after only a few hours of wear.
I can feel them in my eyes all day.
I have only just had a re test of my eyes & we have decided to try another brand on the market that is lighter and doesn't make your eyes dry out

cindy christiansen


5 startsHave worn contacts since 1978.
I have now changed to Air Optix Aqua, they feel great, easy to put in, very comfortable.

Ronald Neville


4 startsI'm a plasterer so I am constantly getting dust irritating my eyes.. these contacts are so soft and comfortable and I find my eyes don't get as red and irritated from the dust.



4 startsGreat product, doesn't even feel like there is anything in my eyes. Would recommend this product to anyone who is thinking of switching from glasses to contacts!



5 startsHave worn glasses for 5 years and decided to try contacts, these lenses are so easy to use and feel like you aren't even wearing them. Highly Recommended.



5 startsThese are fantastic lenses. They are easy to put in and clean. Couldn't be happier.


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