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Acuvue Oasys (with Hydraclear Plus)

Acuvue Oasys (with Hydraclear Plus)

by Johnson & Johnson

$31.99 per box

  • 6 lenses per box
  • 38% H2O content
  • High oxygen permeability, visibility tint, UV Protection, deposit resistant
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  BC DIA SPH CYL AXIS Colour (tint) ADD Qty
Right (OD) 14.0
Left (OS) 14.0
Right eye (OD)  
BC (Base Curve)
DIA (Diameter) 14.0
SPH (Sphere, Power, Strength)
CYL (Cylinder)
Colour (Tint)
ADD (Add Power or Extra Strength)
Left eye (OS)  
BC (Base Curve)
DIA (Diameter) 14.0
SPH (Sphere, Power, Strength)
CYL (Cylinder)
Colour (Tint)
ADD (Add Power or Extra Strength)

$31.99 per box

Acuvue Oasys (with Hydraclear Plus)
At a glance
  • 6 lenses per box
  • 38% H2O content
  • High oxygen permeability, visibility tint, UV Protection, deposit resistant
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About Acuvue Oasys (with Hydraclear Plus) contact lenses

Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus 2 week disposable soft contact lenses. Buy one box of 6 lenses.

Oasys contact lenses are designed by Acuvue to increase your contact lens wearing experience. Do you find that towards the end of the day your eyes feel dry, tired, scratchy, and sometimes blurry? Acuvue might have the solution for you. Featuring their Hydraclear Plus technology, Oasys contacts have been designed to maximise comfort by maintaining good hydration with less lens deposits. This results in a longer, more comfortable wearing time. Because the Senofilicon A material in Oasys has high oxygen permeability, the lenses have been approved for wearing up to 6 nights extended wear. These contacts also contain an ultraviolet light inhibitor which blocks greater than 99% of UVB and 95% of UVA light. A pale blue handling tint and inside-out indicator help facilitate handling so you can visualise the lens in the case and insert them correctly.

Lens type: 1-2 weeks replacement soft disposable contact lenses 

Lenses in box: 6

Features: High oxygen permeability, Visibility Tint , UV Protection, deposit resistant, improved hydration.

Material: Senofilicon A

Water content: 38%

Manufacturer: Johnson & Johnson

Add your reviewCustomer reviews

5 startsI agree with @Emily. I've worn these for many years and always been happy with the feel and never damaged a lens.



5 startsI've worn Oasys for ages and NEVER had one tear or rip. You just have to use common sense and be careful.



4 startsOut of all the lenses I've tried, this one is definitely the best. It's a good price and I always prefer fortnightly lenses over monthly because you have more lenses in reserve if you lose one.



5 startsI've split a few on the edges but that's my fault for being rough. othewise a good lens.



5 startsive worn these for years and i dont know why you would wear any other lens. they feel nice and slippery in my eyes.



5 startsMy standard lens that I have been using for many years and comfortable. Sometimes the edge of the lens develops a nick and I have to throw it out but that is usually when I have kept the lens too long.



4 startsI've split a few of these lenses but my optometrist says it's because I am very short sighted and am a bit rough. Otherwise a suitable lens for me.



4 startsBest contacts lenses I've found for my eyes. Normally my eyes dry out but these are really good. Thanks also for shipping my order the same day I placed it.



5 startsI like them.



5 startsNice lens, nice price, nice comfort.



5 startsI've worn oasys for many years after first being prescribed acuvue2. They are reliable lenses and suit my eyes. Occasionally maybe once a year I might have a ripped lens but I know that it is my fault for being too rough.



5 starts I love the acuvue oasis brand and so does my optometrist.



5 startsThey do the job they are meant to do.



5 startsI'm happy with them. 2 week replacement is good and they don't dry so much. To those people who rip them - be more careful and place a lubricant drop in your eye before removing them!!



4 startsMy eye doctor recommended these lenses and I've been very happy with them. I work in air conditioning on a computer all day and find my eyes would dry out with my other lenses. These Acuvue lenses are extremely comfortable and I don't have any problem with dry eye anymore.

Rachael M.


4 startsI ordered the first lot of Acuvue Oasys a few months back, and I have to admit it took me a little while to get used to how delicate they are. You do need to be very careful with these contacts. (Hence 4 stars and not 5). But once you get used to that, they are great. Good enough for me to reorder! I find them really comfortable and I don't seem to notice my dry eye as much as I used to. I get virtually no irritation from the oasys at all.

Marleen Schmidt


1 starts8 out of the last 24 lens i used ripped within the first week of use. Not durable, not comfortable, not happy.

Shirley. Harper


1 startsI don't know how this lens has such good reviews. Little tiny rips formed within the first week of wearing. Seems to have started about a year ago. After I started noticing the rips I made sure to wash my hands before handling the contacts and they still would rip. I am disappointed that I have to change more often than the prescribed 2 weeks. Further, when I leave the house and I realize the lens is torn then I have to spend the whole day in a torn lens. Not a happy customer.



4 startsI Love the Oasys with Hydraclear contact lenses! They keep my eyes feeling fresh and comfortable. No more dry eyes.



4 starts I have been using this brand for several years and I love them. They are very comfortable and great if you work in front of a computer all day.



4 startsThey are the best and Ive been using them for more then 5 years and love filling like I am not wearing nothing. They are so soft and match my eyes wonderfully



4 startsThey are the best and Ive been using them for more then 5 years and love filling like I am not wearing nothing. They are so soft and match my eyes wonderfully



5 startsThese are top shelf contact lenses, well worth the money.
I have gone through many different brands and many different types. One time use, discard after a month, and ones that last a long time. I've had a lot of experience when it comes to different brands, styles, and prices. I've been using the Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear contacts for many years now. I went through a lot of different brands trying to find a contact that I could wear all day without getting dry and itchy. Ones that would last and were good quality, no one likes to keep buying boxes and boxes of contacts because they get dry, are itchy, and bug you all day long. It's a waste of money. The Acuvue contacts don't do any of those things. They last as long as the box says. You can go all day and not have to worry about your eyes drying out or looking silly because your contacts are driving you crazy. They are a super comfortable contact. They stay put and you almost forget you are even wearing contacts till it's time to take them out at night.



2 startsIt's great how long the moisture lasts in these! But, a chunk of my contact was missing when I opened one package. Disappointed!



4 startsThese are great when you live in dry climates or your get dry eyes often. The only problem with them is when you take them out they dry up instantly. I still prefer these contact lenses over all the others I've tried.



5 startsWhen putting the contacts in it feels like you're enclosing your eye with water. They are comfortable even after many hours of use. They are slightly larger than other contact lens I've used, but after I got used to putting them in they were no hassle at all. It's a good product, I would recommend them.



4 startsI've tried different types of lenses and I found these are the most comfortable. Sometimes I forget that I'm wearing them and they're easy to put in and take out.



5 startsI can't believe my doctor prescribed me with such comfortable contact lenses. I always suffered with dry eyes when i wore contacts. The longer i wore them the redder my eyes got. I use to wear CV dailies. Since their water content was 69% my eyes were too dry for them. Acuvue Oasys only has 38% water content. Which is perfect for me. These are the best acuvue contacts ive ever worn. I can wear them for more than 10 hours a day and my eyes still stay very white



5 startsI have terrible dry eyes and these are the only contacts I can wear comfortably. Even better than the once-a-days!!

S Walters


5 startsThey are extremely comfortable, do not dry out in my eyes and most importantly provide crisp, clear vision all the time.



5 startsI have dry sensitive eyes and have always found Acuvue Oasys the best lens for me. I am able to wear them almost continuously for weeks at a time without any hassle. Definitely recommend.

Jason G.

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